Treasury Tuesday 2

I got a pretty good response from last Tuesday’s Treasury post, and I liked it, so I thought I’d do another one.

The first one is called “Fall-idays,” in honor of Thanksgiving on Thursday.


Mermaid Dance is all about mermaids and the ocean and summer colors.


And last, but not least – Blue Skies, Orange Leaves, Fall Is Here.

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Bookish Girls

I came across this blog post on the etsy blog, and it was just… beautiful. I thought I would share it with all of you. It’s a storyboard, and while I didn’t care too much for the items she posted, I loved the words, and the description. So skip the pictures, and just read the words.

Here’s the first paragraph. Maybe it’ll hook you like it did me.

“There are many sure paths to heartbreak, but nothing so much as a bookish girl. If you’ve fallen for one, my mumbling friend, I’ll spill some beer for you. Bookish girls will always need the words to tumble out, no event lived without description, and she will not forgive you for those moments when you are tired and have nothing more to say. So here are the gifts to buy you some time as you read and read and read — the only way to learn how to do it — for a life retold for the bookish girl, who deserves your perfect words…”

Click here for the rest of the post.

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Treasury Tuesday

Today I have three etsy treasuries that I made to share with you. If you see something you like, click the image to go to the item’s etsy listing page. The blue links will take you to my treasury pages.

The first one is inspired by candy canes. (EDIT: This treasury was featured on the front page of etsy! Woo! As such, some of the links may not be active anymore, as some have been sold. I have updated the treasury with some new links to fill in the missing holes, but I’ll leave these pictures here, as this was the original treasury! 🙂 )

The second is inspired by the color combo of Mint and Raspberry together.

The third is inspired by my uncle’s cabin. I used to go up there all the time as a kid, and thinking back I remember hiking in the summer, sledding in the winter, warm blankets, cups of tea and cocoa, and a nice toasty fire.

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Yesterday at Pet Days

For those of you who follow me/my shop on facebook or twitter (business, mine, or my dog’s), you probably already know that I joined Orange County Cavy Haven at the Pet Days event at the Orange County Fairgrounds yesterday! I volunteer with OCCH on a regular basis, and am actually their Outreach/Events Coordinator, so I would have been there anyway. But they graciously invited me to bring my new cuddle cups to the event to sell – with a portion going to the rescue, of course!

Unfortunately, it was a big bust for me. I was up late the night before trying to finish more of the cuddle cups so we would have a good variety… and then didn’t sell any at all.

Not to worry, I was able to pass out a couple of business cards and network. Plus, I got to spend the day cuddling cute guinea pigs, teaching people about the correct way to care for their piggies, and I think I might have talked a couple people into fostering/adopting from us, haha.

I also got to go up on stage and give two little lecture/blurbs about guinea pigs! The kids absolutely LOVED getting to pet the guinea pigs, and one little girl couldn’t stop talking to me about her guinea pig at home. So cute! To see pictures from the event, head on over to OCCH’s facebook page and check out the Pet Days photo album. I’m in there, along with my husband, and a ton of super cute guinea pigs.

While my sales were a bust, we still had a lot of fun! We couldn’t stop ourselves from getting Kiera some new dog cushions for her crate (we discovered her old crate pillow was not really machine washable, and the cover was not removable ). She is super excited to have a couple new “fierce” crate cushions for when we have to leave the house without her.

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What’s Going On


This past Saturday we went out with some friends for Halloween. I know I said we were going as the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit, but I just couldn’t figure out how to add the bunny ears to the hat I made! And then I ran out of time…

Instead, I got Sean an axe from Party City, and he went as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and I added some fake teeth and fake blood to an old Victorian wench costume I had lying around to be his vampire.

He was super excited to wear his waistcoat with his pocket watch, PLUS he got to carry around an axe. We’ll be wearing them again tomorrow for Halloween, and I’ll try to snap a picture or two.

Animal Update

Today was busy, as I was putting together guinea pig cages for the newest foster for OCCH. I managed to squeeze in some beach time with the pooch, at least, and she came home sandy, wet, and oh so very happy.

Real, Whole Foods

Grocery shopping this week went very well. Under budget, because we were able to stock up on some things last week.  Plus, aside from the cereal, everything was real, whole food! Super exciting!

By the way, if anyone has suggestions for good, QUICK breakfast ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’d love to give up cereal, but it’s so convenient for Sean at 3.30AM when he gets up for work. We tried oatmeal for a while, but he just didn’t feel satisfied at all, and he complained of it being too bland, even when he added sugar and honey and stuff (which kind of defeats the purpose, too). I also hate oatmeal, so I can’t force him to eat it… but we’re definitely up for trying some other real food breakfast suggestions.

Dog Treats

We have been making some all natural, real whole food dog treats for Kiera lately! We are super excited! We have two flavors so far (and we are still tweaking recipes): Peanut Butter/Honey, and Pear/Sweet Potato/Cinnamon. We are excited to try an “Apple Pie” flavor later this week, too. (Sorry the picture is a little blurry)

Due to the passing of the AMAZING Cottage Food Act in our wonderful state of California, after the first of the year, we will be able to sell homemade baked goods and things like that to the public. We are thinking that these wholesome, PEOPLE-SAFE dog treats would be an amazing thing to add to our online store, Cocca Creations.

We are looking for some dogs (and people) to try out the treats and tell us what they think before we offer them to the public. Kiera has been trying all of our batches as we tweak and mess with the recipe, and so far she loves them!

Let us know what flavors you would want for your pups! 🙂

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Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is almost here! And Southern California FINALLY got it’s first taste of fall this past week! It rained – TWICE! Plus, it’s been cold enough outside to actually need light sweaters in the morning and evening.

I had an awesome $10 off coupon to Home Depot, so we went shopping for pumpkins. Kiera wanted to pose with them before we gutted them. With the coupon, I got both of these pumpkins for just $.96 total!

As the seasons change, I always get so inspired to create! I can’t help it. As each season comes around, I am reminded why it’s my favorite… which I guess means I don’t really have a favorite. As the seasons started switching, I felt the need to try something new. Sewing! With a machine!

I know how to hand-sew, but it’s just so time-consuming. So I sat down and decided once and for all I was going to make friends with my sewing machine. And here’s the result!


The guinea pigs LOVE cuddle cups, and I figured it would be a perfect starter project because they don’t care if it comes out wonky-looking. It actually turned out really good though! I’m so happy!

So I immediately made 4 more – to sell through my shop. They’re perfect for small animals of all kinds. Fleece on the inside, cotton on the outside, with fluffy batting in the middle.



With my new-found “prowess” with a sewing machine, I turned to my next big idea -Halloween!

Two years ago, I made costumes for both Sean and myself – Han Solo and Princess Leia (slave version). His was mostly pieced together from articles of clothing we got from Goodwill, Army Surplus, etc. The only thing I had to (hand) sew was the red ribbon down the side of his pants. For my own, the only piece that I DIDN’T hand sew was the bikini top. Although it needed to have lots of gold ribbon sewn onto it.

I don’t have a picture of the costumes, and I’m not sure I would really want a picture of me in that get-up circling around my blog anyway…

Last year, we were very tight on money. We decided that if we could piece most of a costume together from articles of clothing we already owned, we would each get one “accessory” to finish it off.

I went as Wednesday Addams, with a collared white shirt, black sweater, and black pleated skirt already in my closet. To finish off the costume, I bought a pair of striped stockings.

Sean went as Steve from Blue’s Clues. He had a pair of khakis with a blue and green striped rugby shirt already in his closet. He finished off the costume with a paw print stamp from Joann’s (and borrowed my blue stamp pad). He had so much fun putting paw print stamps on everyone the entire night. Sometimes I think he’s a giant 5-year-old, but hey! Whatever works!

This year he wanted to do another “couple’s costume.” Since I already have a Mad Hatter costume from a couple of years ago, I proposed making him a White Rabbit costume. He loves the idea of being able to wear his waistcoat and pocket watch! Plus, it would mean a top hat.

Now, Sean has a big head. Because of this, we would have to custom order him a top hat for $70! OR I could try my hand at making one!

Here’s how it looks so far!

I still have to add the bunny ears, but I like it! (I may or may not be biased, since I made it…)

What are you going to be for Halloween? Are you doing a home-made Halloween, like us? How else are you celebrating the changing of the seasons?


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Back to Whole Foods

We’re trying very hard to start making real, whole foods again. Like I said, our work schedules make this near impossible most days of the week, but I’m once again determined to stop eating the crap food!

Last night Sean made a version of our Cali Style Quinoa (sorta like fried rice, but with quinoa instead). So good! We have a bunch of quinoa left over, so I’m thinking I might make some quinoa patties tomorrow to take for lunches for the rest of the week.

For a “treat” we tried to mash together our vegan brownie recipe with our cupcake brownie recipe… and it turned disastrous. We don’t have the option of making plain brownies anymore because we don’t have a brownie pan. So instead we use our cupcake pan and make “brownie cupcakes,” which is actually nice because you get just 1 serving, and don’t have to cut them up.

Unfortunately, the vegan brownies just haven’t been turning out so well lately, and I think I finally figured out why! When we first made them, we made them with white flour because that was what we had lying around. When we ran out, we bought whole wheat flour instead. Now the brownies are grainy, not sweet enough (like… really gross), and deflate in the oven. I think we might have to try some other type of flour because, while I don’t particularly want to go back to plain old white “refined” flour, this stuff just isn’t good for brownies… Here’s a picture of the disaster. (It also didn’t help that I overfilled the cups a little bit >.>)

Tonight we’re having salad with corn and (you guessed it!) quinoa. Quinoa is a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, and is also gluten free! The texture is a little different than rice, but add a bit of soy sauce and it tastes just the same. It is actually our favorite discovery when we tried that whole “Vegan/Vegetarian Challenge” a while back, and one that we’ve kept in our diet since then!

What whole foods have you been eating lately?

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