Bookish Girls

I came across this blog post on the etsy blog, and it was just… beautiful. I thought I would share it with all of you. It’s a storyboard, and while I didn’t care too much for the items she posted, I loved the words, and the description. So skip the pictures, and just read the words.

Here’s the first paragraph. Maybe it’ll hook you like it did me.

“There are many sure paths to heartbreak, but nothing so much as a bookish girl. If you’ve fallen for one, my mumbling friend, I’ll spill some beer for you. Bookish girls will always need the words to tumble out, no event lived without description, and she will not forgive you for those moments when you are tired and have nothing more to say. So here are the gifts to buy you some time as you read and read and read — the only way to learn how to do it — for a life retold for the bookish girl, who deserves your perfect words…”

Click here for the rest of the post.


About elizabethanne

I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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