Yesterday at Pet Days

For those of you who follow me/my shop on facebook or twitter (business, mine, or my dog’s), you probably already know that I joined Orange County Cavy Haven at the Pet Days event at the Orange County Fairgrounds yesterday! I volunteer with OCCH on a regular basis, and am actually their Outreach/Events Coordinator, so I would have been there anyway. But they graciously invited me to bring my new cuddle cups to the event to sell – with a portion going to the rescue, of course!

Unfortunately, it was a big bust for me. I was up late the night before trying to finish more of the cuddle cups so we would have a good variety… and then didn’t sell any at all.

Not to worry, I was able to pass out a couple of business cards and network. Plus, I got to spend the day cuddling cute guinea pigs, teaching people about the correct way to care for their piggies, and I think I might have talked a couple people into fostering/adopting from us, haha.

I also got to go up on stage and give two little lecture/blurbs about guinea pigs! The kids absolutely LOVED getting to pet the guinea pigs, and one little girl couldn’t stop talking to me about her guinea pig at home. So cute! To see pictures from the event, head on over to OCCH’s facebook page and check out the Pet Days photo album. I’m in there, along with my husband, and a ton of super cute guinea pigs.

While my sales were a bust, we still had a lot of fun! We couldn’t stop ourselves from getting Kiera some new dog cushions for her crate (we discovered her old crate pillow was not really machine washable, and the cover was not removable ). She is super excited to have a couple new “fierce” crate cushions for when we have to leave the house without her.


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I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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