What’s Going On


This past Saturday we went out with some friends for Halloween. I know I said we were going as the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit, but I just couldn’t figure out how to add the bunny ears to the hat I made! And then I ran out of time…

Instead, I got Sean an axe from Party City, and he went as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and I added some fake teeth and fake blood to an old Victorian wench costume I had lying around to be his vampire.

He was super excited to wear his waistcoat with his pocket watch, PLUS he got to carry around an axe. We’ll be wearing them again tomorrow for Halloween, and I’ll try to snap a picture or two.

Animal Update

Today was busy, as I was putting together guinea pig cages for the newest foster for OCCH. I managed to squeeze in some beach time with the pooch, at least, and she came home sandy, wet, and oh so very happy.

Real, Whole Foods

Grocery shopping this week went very well. Under budget, because we were able to stock up on some things last week.  Plus, aside from the cereal, everything was real, whole food! Super exciting!

By the way, if anyone has suggestions for good, QUICK breakfast ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’d love to give up cereal, but it’s so convenient for Sean at 3.30AM when he gets up for work. We tried oatmeal for a while, but he just didn’t feel satisfied at all, and he complained of it being too bland, even when he added sugar and honey and stuff (which kind of defeats the purpose, too). I also hate oatmeal, so I can’t force him to eat it… but we’re definitely up for trying some other real food breakfast suggestions.

Dog Treats

We have been making some all natural, real whole food dog treats for Kiera lately! We are super excited! We have two flavors so far (and we are still tweaking recipes): Peanut Butter/Honey, and Pear/Sweet Potato/Cinnamon. We are excited to try an “Apple Pie” flavor later this week, too. (Sorry the picture is a little blurry)

Due to the passing of the AMAZING Cottage Food Act in our wonderful state of California, after the first of the year, we will be able to sell homemade baked goods and things like that to the public. We are thinking that these wholesome, PEOPLE-SAFE dog treats would be an amazing thing to add to our online store, Cocca Creations.

We are looking for some dogs (and people) to try out the treats and tell us what they think before we offer them to the public. Kiera has been trying all of our batches as we tweak and mess with the recipe, and so far she loves them!

Let us know what flavors you would want for your pups! 🙂


About elizabethanne

I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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