Getting Ready for Halloween

Halloween is almost here! And Southern California FINALLY got it’s first taste of fall this past week! It rained – TWICE! Plus, it’s been cold enough outside to actually need light sweaters in the morning and evening.

I had an awesome $10 off coupon to Home Depot, so we went shopping for pumpkins. Kiera wanted to pose with them before we gutted them. With the coupon, I got both of these pumpkins for just $.96 total!

As the seasons change, I always get so inspired to create! I can’t help it. As each season comes around, I am reminded why it’s my favorite… which I guess means I don’t really have a favorite. As the seasons started switching, I felt the need to try something new. Sewing! With a machine!

I know how to hand-sew, but it’s just so time-consuming. So I sat down and decided once and for all I was going to make friends with my sewing machine. And here’s the result!


The guinea pigs LOVE cuddle cups, and I figured it would be a perfect starter project because they don’t care if it comes out wonky-looking. It actually turned out really good though! I’m so happy!

So I immediately made 4 more – to sell through my shop. They’re perfect for small animals of all kinds. Fleece on the inside, cotton on the outside, with fluffy batting in the middle.



With my new-found “prowess” with a sewing machine, I turned to my next big idea -Halloween!

Two years ago, I made costumes for both Sean and myself – Han Solo and Princess Leia (slave version). His was mostly pieced together from articles of clothing we got from Goodwill, Army Surplus, etc. The only thing I had to (hand) sew was the red ribbon down the side of his pants. For my own, the only piece that I DIDN’T hand sew was the bikini top. Although it needed to have lots of gold ribbon sewn onto it.

I don’t have a picture of the costumes, and I’m not sure I would really want a picture of me in that get-up circling around my blog anyway…

Last year, we were very tight on money. We decided that if we could piece most of a costume together from articles of clothing we already owned, we would each get one “accessory” to finish it off.

I went as Wednesday Addams, with a collared white shirt, black sweater, and black pleated skirt already in my closet. To finish off the costume, I bought a pair of striped stockings.

Sean went as Steve from Blue’s Clues. He had a pair of khakis with a blue and green striped rugby shirt already in his closet. He finished off the costume with a paw print stamp from Joann’s (and borrowed my blue stamp pad). He had so much fun putting paw print stamps on everyone the entire night. Sometimes I think he’s a giant 5-year-old, but hey! Whatever works!

This year he wanted to do another “couple’s costume.” Since I already have a Mad Hatter costume from a couple of years ago, I proposed making him a White Rabbit costume. He loves the idea of being able to wear his waistcoat and pocket watch! Plus, it would mean a top hat.

Now, Sean has a big head. Because of this, we would have to custom order him a top hat for $70! OR I could try my hand at making one!

Here’s how it looks so far!

I still have to add the bunny ears, but I like it! (I may or may not be biased, since I made it…)

What are you going to be for Halloween? Are you doing a home-made Halloween, like us? How else are you celebrating the changing of the seasons?



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I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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