Wedded Bliss

Phew! The wedding is over and done with, and I think more than anything I’m just glad it’s over! I was so stressed out the last week leading up to the wedding I really didn’t get ANYTHING done that wasn’t related to the wedding.

For those interested, I’ll post a quick recap of the wedding (with some obligatory pictures) and then get on to the garden/home happenings.

Wedding Nonsense

We got married in Sean’s grandparents’ backyard in a little garden tea-party themed ceremony. We were trying to keep as much of the wedding “in the family” as possible, so my uncle officiated, Sean’s step-dad’s mom helped with the flowers, and we prepared all of the food ourselves (with the exception of the cupcakes).

It was a really short ceremony, followed by a short(ish) reception with finger foods (think tea sandwiches and fruit and veggie cups) and iced tea and lemonade. We came in way under budget (YAY!), and it could not have been any more perfect. It was exactly what we wanted.

 The start of happily ever after.

 Walking in with my mom and dad.

 Sean’s favorite photo (that we have so far).

 Obligatory shot of me with the pooch.

Garden Happenings

For my bridal shower, my mom and dad gifted us an apple tree! How cool is that?!

Yes, we live in Southern California, and no, apples don’t really work well down here. Apples need a hard frost in the winter to fruit in the spring/summer. However, my mom hunted down a kind called Anna Apples, that are low chill, and therefore grow here! Hurray! And our apple tree even has 3 apples on it right now! (Well, it had about 6 or 7, but some didn’t survive the trip to our house). It’s now planted in the yard next to the avocado tree and I can’t WAIT to get some fresh apples!

The rosemary we were hoping to give away as favors never sprouted roots for us (still waiting, almost a week after the wedding). It’s still in jars of water, sitting behind the kitchen sink… sad.

My romaine bolted about a month ago, and the dogs managed to kill the strawberries, so I pulled the entire pallet planter out until we could really fix up that side of the yard like we want to.

The serrano peppers keep growing, little by little. They’re about a foot high now. We’re still waiting for the apricots and plums to ripen (if I remember correctly from last year’s harvest, the apricots are going to start turning in July, and the plums will be ripe in August).

My tomato plant isn’t growing anywhere near as fast as I’d hoped (although part of that is due to the sprinkler problem… I’ll explain later). It did, however, have 3 little tomatoes start growing on it! One was only the size of a cherry tomato when it started turning colors (oh no!!), so when it turned red, I plucked it and ate it right off the plant. And I must say – OH MY GOD! Best and sweetest little tomato EVER! I can’t wait for the other ones to get bigger and turn! It was so much better than anything I’ve had from a store!

We have some more volunteers popping up. Two cherry tomatoes in the middle of the yard (stuck some tomato cages around them so they wouldn’t get trampled), a volunteer corn in the front, some volunteer onion/garlic (don’t know how to tell the difference without pulling them up), and some clover that started growing IN our bag of soil!

We now have two compost piles. When Sean’s mom came into town, she helped us with a lot of pruning and yard work that needed to be done, and we filled up our compost pile within about an hour of being in the yard. So we created a makeshift pile on the garden side of the house (literally a pile against a wall, with a pallet thrown over it so the dogs are discouraged from digging through it).

Food Update

I’ll admit… leading up to the wedding, we were being pretty naughty with our real food eating. It was much easier on hectic days to throw a microwave dinner in and be done with it. But now that it’s over, we’re back on track. We made our dinner list and grocery list and went shopping last night, and we are going to stick to it.

For those that don’t know, I lost my job at the end of April, and at the same time, Sean’s hours got cut at work. I am starting my own business from home (Onigiri Pets), but that will be something to do in my free time. As much as I wish it could, I don’t think I’ll get the amount of work needed to supplement our income. So I’m looking for work still, and Sean’s looking for a second part-time job. That’s life, and we’re making it work, and we’re determined to still be healthy while doing it!

Actually, if you look at the numbers, it’s WAY cheaper for us to be eating healthy, home-cooked meals than it is for us to be eating crap food anyway! Even fast food is expensive in comparison, and for pre-made stuff, you’re not just paying for the food, but also for the packaging and the preparation. Our grocery bill this week was $50-$55 (Sean is picking up two little things from Sprouts that they didn’t have at our grocery store, but it should be within the $5 range), and that includes Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners for 2 adults, as well as fresh vegetables for 6 guinea pigs (each guinea pig needs ~1 cup of fresh veggies per day!). Compare that to $75-$80 the past few weeks of eating junk (and that’s not even counting the restaurants we ate at, or when we had dinner at his grandparents house for free!).

Every meal follows our real food diet, and everything has a vegetarian option for me (Portobella mushroom burger instead of beef burger, stir fry veggies and rice instead of chicken and rice, etc.). I’m actually kind of excited to get back to the real food. I felt better when we were eating home-cooked stuff, and we weren’t eating as much, either. Real food fills you up faster and keeps you full longer! I expect that once get back into the flow of things again, our grocery bill will go down even more.

Alright, sorry for the rant. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our lives as we planned our wedding and got married. Man am I glad to be back!


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I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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