Wedding Pending

For those of you that don’t know yet, we’re gearing up for a wedding. It’s only a week and a half away now, and I must say I’m on the verge of a freak-out. Too many things going on all at once. Alas, that seems to be the way life works.

So yea, Sean and I are getting married Saturday June 2nd in his grandparents’ backyard. Cute little DIY-type thing with mostly just family coming (we both have large families).

Plus, his sister just graduated from college today, and his mom and brother came into town yesterday. Sean’s sister already lived here at the house, and now his brother lives here too (was away at college, but now he’s back). We (me and his mom, with a little help from brother and sister) are going to be cleaning the house top to bottom tomorrow, in preparation for his sister’s graduation party this Saturday.

Then Sunday is my bridal shower. Wedding rehearsal is next Friday, and the wedding is Saturday. All while trying to get a new business off the ground, and take care of 6 guinea pigs and a dog. Yes, it is going to be a BUSY BUSY BUSY couple of weeks, so please be patient with me as I struggle to hold it all together (those who know me know I’m not the most stable person to begin with, haha). I’m just hoping I don’t have a melt-down in front of Sean’s family. They don’t know me too well yet, haha.

Did I mention last weekend was not only a guinea pig Supply Day event, but also my bachelorette party (on the same day!)? Here was the Onigiri Pets table.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any orders. That’s ok, because it was still a lot of fun, and there were tons of cute guinea pigs to cuddle. I finally got an order for one of my wine crate pet beds, though!

That’s my mom’s dog, Chloe, modeling the pet bed. She’s a little ham in front of the camera. She was doing the over-the-shoulder look, and posing, and finally got tired and curled up in it. She’s definitely a little diva.

But anyway, that’s what’s been going on lately. Hopefully I will have more time to post after the wedding. See you then!


About elizabethanne

I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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