Happy Mother’s Day

Hey all!

I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Mother’s Day! Today is a day to celebrate mother’s everywhere, single daddies who have to be mothers too, and even animal mommies and foster mommies. Fur babies are babies too!

For those who don’t know, Sean and I foster guinea pigs, and we specialize in pregnant and nursing ones. We’ve had 7 mamas give birth to 22 happy, healthy babies this past year, and there’s word that we may be getting some more pregnant mamas soon. Please note that we absolutely do NOT condone animal breeding. Birth is extremely difficult for guinea pigs, and there is a high risk of the mom and/or babies not making it. The mothers that come to us are already pregnant through irresponsible pet ownership.

Ok, so now for the happy pictures of the mamas and babies we’ve had this past year.

 First up is Darla, who gave birth to the “Powerpuff Girls.” She is still up for adoption. She is absolutely the SWEETEST guinea pig in the entire world! She gave birth to these 4 cuties back in August of 2011.

  These two pictures are of Blossom (who is still up for adoption, looking for her forever home).

Bubbles (Adopted)

Buttercup (Adopted)

Mojo Jojo – the only boy of this litter. (Adopted)

This is another mama, Sunny. She gave birth to “Alvin and the Chipmunks” back in September 2011 just days after coming into our care. She was part of “the Baldwin Park 22,” a group of 22 guinea pigs that were abandoned in crates inside an apartment when the tenant was evicted. They had no food or water, and were left for days before the apartment owner found them and brought them to a shelter. All of the females were pregnant, and these next few mamas I’ll list were from this group (Sunny, Tiger, Lily, Pumpkin, and Spice).

 Alvin. He is still living with us, is adoptable, and is looking for his forever home. He likes veggies, and is vocal when you wake up in the morning or when you come into the room. He likes people, but still needs to find another guinea pig friend he is compatible with.

Simon. (Adopted) After a neuter-gone-bad, his foster mama decided to keep him, because the two had bonded so greatly.

Theodore is still available for adoption, and is still looking for a compatible friend to live with. He is a cutie pie with a ton of energy and spunk.

Tiger was adopted with her friend Sunny. Unfortunately, her 1 baby did not make it. But we are still celebrating her mama status today because she still helped her best friend Sunny take care of her three babies after they were born. A true mama at heart!

Lily (Adopted). Gave birth in September 2011 to the “T-Flower” babies.

Thistle. (Adopted)

Tulip. (Adopted)

Thyme. (Adopted just this month!)

Pumpkin (Adopted) gave birth in October 2011 to the “Sweet” girls.

Oreo. (Adopted)

Taffy. (Adopted)

Smores is still looking for a forever home, along with her friend and cage mate, Brownie.

Spice (Adopted) gave birth to the “Wicked” babies in October 2011. They were named after the characters from Wicked, the book and musical.

Elphaba “Elphie.” (Adopted)

Glinda. (Adopted)

Nessarose “Nessie.” (Adopted)

Fiyero. (Adopted)

Boq. (Adopted)

 This is Camille (Adopted) who gave birth to the “Star Wars” boys just before Halloween 2011.

Darth Vader “Vader.” (Adopted)

Chewbacca “Chewie.” (Adopted)

Wickett. (Adopted)

Han Solo “Han.” (Adopted by us. We couldn’t bear to let this little sweetheart go).

So there is my tribute to some very special animal mamas that have touched our lives this past year. Many have found their loving, forever homes, but there are still a couple waiting for the right family to come along.

For more information on the guinea pigs you see here, if you are thinking about adopting, fostering, or volunteering, or if you’re just curious about a guinea pig rescue, head over to Orange County Cavy Haven’s website for more information.


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