Odds and Ends

So, good news, and bad news. Good news: I don’t have gallstones!  Hurray! Bad news: I have something else that doesn’t have a ‘cure’ and I’ll have forever. But there are things I can do to help manage it and what not. I’ll get there.

Being that I DON’T have gallstones, I WON’T have to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed! Yay! (I apparently have a “beautiful gallbladder.” I don’t think this will help me in the dating scene, but it couldn’t hurt, right?) This also means that I can (should I so choose) eat meat again with no fear of putting myself in a lot of pain. I did have some celebratory boneless chicken wings tonight at Hooters with Sean, but to be honest they weren’t as good as I remember them, and I really don’t think I’ll be putting meat back into my diet. I mean, I might enjoy something every once in a while when I’m really craving it, but my heart just isn’t in the meat-eating like it used to be (my mom used to call me her little carnivore).

My doctor tells me that, even though I don’t have some sort of gallbladder disorder, I do still have to do some other stuff to help manage the thing I DO have. Namely: I need to stop stressing out. Too much stress is giving me all kinds of bad vibes in my body, and it’s no bueno (blame it on the wedding in 2 months, evicting a roommate, or whatever, I need to learn to calm down!). Also, alcohol may aggravate it, so I have to keep an eye on my alcohol consumption (which is already pretty low. We only drink one night a week, socially, and for us it’s about taste, not about getting hammered). As well, she said a higher-fiber diet may help, so I’ll be looking into that. It won’t go away, but I can try to manage the symptoms and what not.

I think I may have freaked my mom out when I mentioned I’d had an ultrasound on Tuesday (oops), because she seemed very relieved when I said my gallbladder, liver, and uterus look good.

ANYWAY, enough about my organs. Sean and I are going to continue down this “real food” diet, and keep cutting things out as we finish them off in the house. The sugar is running low, so we’re looking into alternatives (raw sugar, honey, agave juice, etc). I’ll do some research and let you guys know what I find about which is healthier/better, and also the best choice cost-wise. We officially switched to whole wheat pasta this week. Woo! There’s really no difference in taste, and it was about the same price, so we’ll be sticking with this. Plus it comes in a recyclable cardboard box instead of those plastic wrappers. I don’t know if I mentioned it at the time, but we switched over to wheat flour a couple of weeks back, also. Made some brownies out of it, and there was virtually no difference at all.

Kiera switched over to her new food totally. She’s still getting used to it, but there have been no negative side effects that we’ve noticed. I’ll keep you all updated if anything changes.

We’re talking about planting some hops along one of the walls in the backyard so that Sean could pretty much make his beer from start to finish (got him a beer-brewing kit for Christmas, and he really likes it). I think he’s going to try to make his own wort this time around, and see how that goes.

I want to look into making my own bars of soap, make a batch of laundry detergent (I think we’re finally close to running out), and dish washer detergent (again, getting close to running out).

Does anyone know where we could get coconuts for cheap? We want to attempt to make our own coconut oil (it’s kind of expensive, but WAY better to use in cooking than even olive oil).

As always, your comments and questions are welcome and enjoyed!!


About elizabethanne

I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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