End of Diet Challenge

Today is officially the last day of the vegetarian diet challenge (previously the vegan, or “plant-based” diet challenge). Once we switched to vegetarian, this was not a problem for me, and the end of March marks 3 months of vegetarianism for me. Sean has now been vegetarian for a month (with one exception, that we had agreed upon beforehand – St. Patty’s Day breakfast).

In the future, I will be continuing this vegetarian diet, seeing as I’m doing it for health reasons (for those of you who have shown concern, I have a doctor’s appointment this coming Tuesday to discuss the underlying problems that led to me omitting meat from my diet. However, I believe it is a genetic disorder, and I will eventually need surgery to fix it. In the meantime, omitting meat can potentially postpone the need for surgery, thus the diet). For Sean, let’s be honest: he’s most likely going to start eating meat again. However, we have both agreed to continue trying to cut out more processed foods from our diets, and the next thing on the chopping block for us is store-bought bread.

A note on bread:

Have you ever read the ingredients on a package of bread? A normal, generic one probably has close to 20-30 ingredients, most of them unpronounceable. Have you ever made bread yourself? A simple loaf needs about 6 ingredients: flour, water, butter, sugar, yeast, and maybe an egg. If you want to get fancy you can add some rosemary to make herb bread, and use wheat flour to make wheat bread.

Sure, it can take a little time out of your day to make a loaf of bread for the week, but if you have a bread-maker, it literally takes about a minute to measure the ingredients and hit “Start.” Also, fresh-made bread doesn’t last as long as the stuff you buy from the store, and isn’t cut into nice and even slices. However, it isn’t hard to learn how to cut the bread nicely, and fresh-made bread makes the house smell absolutely WONDERFUL!

Ok, so back on track here… This last week was very difficult for us because Sean was sick, and I’m now catching it from him. It meant that really, we haven’t eaten much of anything this week. Plus Tuesday my parents took us out to dinner at the street fair (Sean had a corn tamale, and I had a bean and cheese burrito). I think the pre-made dinner list from this week is just going to be transferred over to next week because we really didn’t make anything off of it… I guess sometimes that’s just how it happens.

We did get a nice vegetarian cook book (Sean picked it out, because it had a lot of recipes that he said looked “yummy”) about a week ago. We were supposed to try out a fettuccine alfredo and a ravioli recipe (with homemade raviolis and pasta!) that I was kind of excited about. But like I said, sick = not hungry. I did smear some of the ricotta cheese on some toast with banana slices for breakfast a couple days to use up some of the cheese. Yum!

So yea. I will update with how Sean with “officially” be changing his diet once we sit down and talk about what our goals will continue to be, and how they will be changing (hint: I think it may involve some lower carb goals, and keeping an eye on the glycemic index!).

Anyone else on a special diet? What are your restrictions? How is it going? Having any cravings?


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I'm 22, living in Southern California, and trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.
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